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Why choose Perth?

Perth is a thriving cosmopolitan city of two million people that sits on the coast of Western Australia and acts as the western gateway to Australia. The city is a contrast of laid-back Californian paired with European cool, with a variety of strong performing sectors underpinning its economy, including:

Innovative start-ups  |  World-renowned Medical Institutes  |  Renewables  |  Primary resources  |  Astro |   Agriculture |  Tourism  | Top 100 Universities

Perth is a destination made for incentive travel, meetings and events, and you can be as active or as relaxed as you like. Perth shares the same time zone (MGT+8) as approximately 60% of the world’s population, with direct flights from major Indo Pacific cities, Gulf States and European centres including London and Rome. Its clean air, enviable weather, world-leading universities and research institutes, and safe reputation makes it the perfect destination to host your next business event.


Perth weather is referred to as Mediterranean, however this is not truly accurate. While Perth works on traditional western seasons, in reality, there are 6 distinctly different seasons, each 2 months long. These are known as the Noongar seasons and they make themselves visible by the behaviour of mother nature.

  • First Summer | Dec/Jan
    Hot, dry
    8 ℃ min, 30 ℃ max averages. (6 rainy days)
  • Second Summer | Feb/March
    Hottest time of the year
    17 ℃ min, 31 ℃ max. (7 rainy days)
  • Autumn | Apr/May
    Cool and pleasant weather
    12 ℃ min, 23 ℃ max. (16 rainy days)
  • Winter | Jun/July
    Wettest time of the year
    9 ℃ min, 19 ℃ max, (30 rainy days)
  • First Spring | Aug/Sep
    Cold time of year
    8 ℃ min, 19℃ max, (30 rainy days)
  • Second Spring | Oct/Nov
    Warming weather, low rainfall
    12 ℃ min, 25 ℃ max, (14 rainy day)