Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the act of a business mindfully taking into account the impact their operations have, not only philanthropically, but environmentally and socially. There is more to success and development than just the bottom line, with the practice of CSR being highly beneficial in corporate operations. We are proud of our offerings to the corporate sector.

Rottnest Island – Beach Clean-up and Tree Planting/Rehabilitation

Plastic pollution is a global issue impacting our beaches and seas now more than ever before, and with a direct and deadly impact on wildlife, it is imperative that we come together to make changes.  Rottnest Island is a delicate ecosystem and you can help to keep this pristine environment healthy. Two Feet can arrange group beach clean-ups and revegetation works on Rottnest. You can also assist Mother Nature Rich by undertaking Woodland Restoration; where seeds from native vegetation are collected and dispersed across the island. In partnership with the Rottnest Island Environmental Team, Two Feet & a Heartbeat can organise opportunities for your group to spend the morning at one with nature, planting seedlings and trees, to assist in the Rottnest Reforestation Program.

Transportation, accommodation and leisure activities can be arranged for corporate or multi-person tour groups. Enquire Now.

Perth Scavenger Hunts with Charitable Donation

Flashback to scavenger hunts as a child, the fun and excitement of running around to mystery locations, solving clues and then scampering to the finish line with your team and a sense of accomplishment. Scavenger hunts work just the same on a corporate scale, where smaller teams are formed, and compete against each other to earn the most points. Not only will it work wonders on teamwork and inclusiveness, it will also increase employee morale. All meanwhile enjoying the sights and landmarks around the Perth CBD, with some out-of-office fun.  Scavenger Hunts for corporate groups donate a portion of each ticket  to local charities making a difference within our city. Enquire Now.

Surf Live Saving Club Visit

Perth beaches are among the most beautiful in the world and as such, millions of people each year flock to the white sandy coastline for a day of sun, surf and relaxation. Where there is a mass of water, there is danger, and luckily Surf Life Saving Western Australia is the body solely responsible for beach side education. With a multitude of programs from community education, to on beach emergency services, it is an incredible not-for-profit keeping beachgoers safe state-wide. Let us organise tours around a Surf Life Saving club, where you can see and learn first hand about what they do, as well as the opportunity to donate. Enquire Now.