Perth is a thriving cosmopolitan city of two million people that sits on the coast of Western Australia and acts as the Western Gateway gateway to Australia. It shares the same time zone (GMT+8) as approximately 60% of the world’s population and offers a clean environment, warm sunny climate, a relaxed lifestyle, and a prosperous economy where adventure awaits.

Our study tours are centred around the culture, history, industry, nature and wonder of Western Australia. We work directly with programme directors and education providers to design a bespoke itinerary and ensure that we understand your learning objectives to customise your programme around them. Our hosts dedicate time to build real relationships with every participant to create a safe, trusting environment where all feel welcome. We coordinate visits to other educational institutions and industry experts and partner with accomodation providers based on how they fit into your budget, itinerary and specific needs.

Perth has a range of recognised universities and colleges, pathway providers, English language institutions, vocational education colleges, and schools. While studying in Perth, you can take advantage of our prosperous economy with innovative projects across a range of industries and the diverse work opportunities they provide.

We will organise your demographic appropriate study tour and can connect with other institutions from museums and art galleries to private tours and accomodation. Simply tell us your specific requirements, and we will build a tour to suit your needs.